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  • Broken Base: Iceman's 2017 solo series has gotten a lot of this. Either it's a great series about Bobby exploring who he really is now that he's come out of the closet with believable drama or it's a forced poorly written mess that destroys Bobby's character.
  • "Common Knowledge": He's known to the general public for having ice powers. While this isn't wrong, per se, this is just one aspect of his abilities. In fact, the fundamental nature of his abilities is to decrease thermal energy, which can be used in a wide variety of different ways.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In the Rifftrax addition of X2: X-Men United, one of the jokes had Bobby's father accidentally call him gay and, when corrected as being a mutant, having it shrugged off as "same difference". A few years later...
    • In X-Men: The Last Stand he's involved in a Not What It Looks Like situation - where Rogue gets jealous of how much time he's spending with Kitty. Kitty's actress Ellen Page later came out as a lesbian, Rogue's Anna Paquin as bisexual, and the character himself has been retconned to be gay.
  • More Popular Replacement: After Spyke was Put on a Bus in Season 3 of X-Men: Evolution Bobby took more prominence to fill his role. Spyke was widely The Scrappy to fans (though he did get redeemed when he reappeared twice in Season 4) and Bobby was one of the original X-Men, so this was seen as a good change.

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