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YMMV / I of the Dragon

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  • Anticlimax Boss: The human king,, who turns out to be an ordinary Sinisterwing. You can completely ignore him and go smash the town behind him, and when you turn around your allies will have already killed him with zero casualties.
  • Demonic Spiders: There's one in every level, but a few stand out:
    • First, the literal Demonic Spiders in North Star, which have the largest amount of health you've seen up to that point, and rapid-fire bullets of acid at you.
    • Then you reach Ferra, and have to deal with shamans that fling homing paralysis spells, followed by powerful fireballs, and run too fast for you to hit them with most attacks.
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    • The Big Earthers in Wonderland and Earth Elementals in Crimea lob homing projectiles with alarming frequency and have far too much health.
  • Goddamned Bats: Trixxters, with their tiny hitboxes, speedy projectiles, and obnoxiously high-pitched voices. Can also be said of most of the monsters in Ferra (besides the aforementioned shamans), who either shoot you with laughably weak crossbows or can't attack you at all... but they start running around frantically when you get near them, making it a challenge to kill them before they reach the town.
  • That One Level - The segment in Forest where you play as Kindjal. Prepare for a very, very long walk with Camera Screw and Scrappy Mechanic thrown in together. The mission is essentially impossible to finish in the highest difficulty setting.
    • Hey, at least you get an invisibility spell for that mission. Compare that with the soul-harvest mission in Crimea. The Zealot is easily as capable as Pardis and Kindjal, but the monsters in that area are quite a bit more powerful than those in Wonderland and Forest, and the target is uncomfortably close to several lairs.

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