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YMMV / I Hate Fairyland

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: In the final few pages of the final issue, is Gert saying "Fuck Fairyland" as a way of coping with how much her normal world life sucks and masking her desire to return? Or is it her realizing it doesn't matter if she's in the human world or Fairyland, life would still suck, just in different ways regardless?
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Take the standard Sugar Apocalypse trope, make it even Bloodier and Gorier in the most over-the-top fashion imaginable, and play it all up for Comedic Sociopathy, and you have this series in a nutshell.
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  • Dueling Works: Not exactly "dueling" since they're published by the same company, but it makes an interesting companion piece to Birthright. They both deconstruct the "child lost in magical world" genre by showing the child grown to adulthood in the magical world, they're both violent and gory, and both feature highly morally ambiguous protagonists. However, while I Hate Fairyland is a Black Comedy set in a cartoonish Crapsaccharine World which the protagonist is trapped in and trying to escape, Birthright is a serious Urban Fantasy story set on Earth which the protagonist is trying to bring the magical world into.
  • Fridge Logic: An example in issue #13. Larry dreams of what his life would be like without Gertrude and we see that she was his first assignment. But, in the dream Gertrude is killed by the portal in the floor and Happy is Larry's first assignment, instead. Except, that isn't possible. It could just be Larry combining recent events in his mind, but he was with Gertrude for 27 years when they met Happy. If Gertrude was killed by the portal in her floor, Happy couldn't have been Larry's replacement assignment, she wouldn't have been born, yet.
    • Assuming time works the same on both sides. If it runs on Year Inside, Hour Outside rules, that would mean Happy was alive at around the same time, and that might explain Gert's lack of aging. She actually is, it's just so slow that she hasn't noticed.
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    • Another example is that in Issue #15, Good Gert dies steps before her portal after getting stabbed by a lollipop. However, in Issue #4, after Gert got beaten by Happy, Larry manages to blow some sort of healing smoke on her and fully restored her. Why couldn't he just do that after Good Gert died?
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Gertrude is a violent, Ax-Crazy and hot-headed jerkass in many ways... but it's clear that her traumatic entry into Fairyland, the years stuck in the annoyingly saccharine world separated from her family, and her repeated failures have left its mark on her.
    • Larry as well. He's abrasive and not exactly helpful, but being stuck with Gert could not have been easy by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Moment of Awesome: Larry, Duncan and later Gertrude calling out the fairyland council for being A-holes and Control freaks.
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  • Squick: This series isn't exactly one for the faint of heart.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Happy is too sickeningly adorable. Also, Gert, after regaining her goodness.
  • What an Idiot!: Queen Cloudia. Instead of actually just helping Gertrude when it became obvious she was having trouble performing the tasks needed to get the key, her ultimate solution is to try and murder Gertrude via trapping her in Fairyland forever rather than just give Gert the key and spare everyone a whole lotta trouble.


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