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YMMV / I Am Mother

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  • Moral Event Horizon: Assuming genociding the human race is fine with you, the fact that Mother burned one of her own daughters to death as a child will shock you.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Eugenics is wrong. Just because people are flawed doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve life, and trying to ensure “perfection” will just result in immense suffering.
  • Special Effect Failure: Some of the shots of the outside world are noticably chroma keyed, or have slight bubbling in shots that change the orientation of the camera.
  • Spiritual Adaptation:
    • This film echoes similar plot points and motifs of Horizon Zero Dawn, such as the presence of a deeper and more unsettling truth regarding how the world came to be in its current state. Also, there is the presence of an A.I., which has experienced a form of derangement that may have changed its directives, overlapping with a case of megalomania about how to make the world a better place.
    • I Am Mother can also be seen as a film version of Portal, with both stories featuring a manipulative female A.I. that watches over a girl taking tests in a facility while trying to dissuade her from escaping to the outside world and euthanizing dissatisfactory test subjects in an incinerator. Not only does Mother's Cyber Cyclops design somewhat resemble GLaDOS, but Daughter's outfit in the climax also resembles Chell's outfit in Portal 2.
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  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Mother is a practical effects costume created by WETA Workshop. Production designer Luke Hawker was originally just the model for the 91-pound suit, but was then cast as Mother as he could be around at all times for test fittings and the month of shooting. As a result of this and the film's tight budget, the Mother suit (of which there was only one made, instead of several as is customary on film shoots) was tailored to fit exactly and only him, and he did have to do all of his own stunt work, including holding live infants, having Hilary Swank jump on his back, and running (with tighter camera angles or some light CG cleanup to remove the running shoes from the shot.)


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