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YMMV / Hunt the Wumpus

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  • Genius Bonus: A largely simplified version of the game is featured in the Russell/Norvig, a widely used AI textbook. Beside other gags on limited world knowledge ("maybe there is no stench on a square next to the Wumpus, as it's a 29th February which is (the only) Wumpus bathday") a chapter on the "framing problem" asserts that the rules don't guarantee against exceptional circumstances like you being transported to another square by giant flying bats. Because of the simplified setup, the joke will fly by (sorry) anyone who does not know the original game.
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  • Goddamned Bats: The Ur-Example. They drag you all over the place.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Getting eaten by the Wumpus, particularly in the version used as the page image. Many players have admitted they were scared of him.