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  • Older Than They Think: Oftentimes, players nominate tributes without realizing that they were nominated many seasons before, whether or not they were originally from the OG. Not that this is a problem, since all tributes are free-for-all.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: OG Season 230 saw Star Android Jaguar getting his first champion, Natu. However, all participants have unanimously agreed that it was the most infamous Season to date. This Season saw an extremely Squicky event happen between Gundham Tanaka and Star Swirl the Bearded. Events such as this have happened many times before, but this one ended up being the straw that broke the camel's back. The Reboot came to be as a direct result from this "Gunstargate" fiasco, and further steps were taken to be sure that no such events occur in future Seasons, with continuous checks over the new rules remaining active.
  • Rooting for the Empire: In OG Season 183, the players found themselves feeling bad for Tomura Shigaraki, of all people. It isn't every day that you have the players legitimately feeling sorry for a tribute as nasty as Tomura is in canon. Just about everyone was cheering for him and hoping that he would win, and the players rejoiced when he actually ended up winning. This kind of thing was pretty much inevitable, seeing as all of the tributes for that season were villainsnote .
  • The Scrappy:
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Most suicides, particularly the Suicide Pact and the failed double suicide, to the point that they have been removed from Season 19 and on, since they tend to kill off too many tributes early. It doesn't help that both of them are programmed to happen even during the bloodbath in the vanilla version of the sim. The standard singular suicide has since been re-implemented, but not within the bloodbath.
      • The suicide pact event was eventually restored in the Reboot, first appearing in Reboot Season 84. At this time, there have been a plethora of events since the last time it happened, so it doesn't occur as frequently as before. Additionally, only three tributes do the deed, with the fourth one questioning it.
    • Arena events can shake up seasons, but when they happen on the first day, they tend to wipe out massive numbers of tributes before they can do anything interesting, oftentimes ending seasons too quickly or dragging them out too long with deathless days. Some hosts will even abort a run featuring a day one arena event and run the simulation again before sharing.
    • Also, the inability to set the likelihood of arena events. In the simulator, you can set the likelihood of fatal events to low, moderate, or high, but this cannot be done for arena events. They can only be enabled or disabled. Because of this, a good save can be hard to come by when early arena events keep popping up.
    • In general, any event that involves one tribute dying while killing another, because the killer's own death is registered as an extra kill. Due to the way the kill system works, it's impossible to code such events without this problem. Because of this, some of the mass murderers were disqualified from competing in Murderers' Death Battles.
      • In addition, if the event is worded such that any tribute other than the first one dies first, the placements would be messed up due to the way the death order works.note 
    • The "long, drawn-out battle" event, where one tribute kills another before being killed by a third tribute, was first added in OG Season 25, but later seasons showed how problematic that was. Not only did it register excess kills for both killers, resulting in mass murderers being unfairly qualified for Murderers' Death Battles, but it also resulted in incorrect placements due to the way deaths are ordered.note  This event reared its ugly head in OG Seasons 36 and 89, where Es and George Washington should've switched places for 3rd in the former, and Big the Cat and Kellam likewise should've switched places for 3rd in the latter. Even after the event was reworded in OG Season 146, it still had the "excess kills" problem, and it was ultimately retired in OG Season 182.
      • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Said event was reworded in OG Season 186, where this time, one tribute ambushes two others after they both collapse from their long, drawn-out battle, with no indication that one of the fighters killed the other. Likewise, the steel chair event was made clear that one tribute kills another with the chair to protect a third tribute. Originally, it was worded in such a way that this situation wasn't implied, and it was also coded so that the one being saved somehow died for no reason.note 
    • The "therapist" event, where two tributes think that two other tributes are therapists, but end up saying that there should be a space between the E and R. It was removed for obvious reasons.

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