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YMMV / Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell

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  • Complete Monster: Nightmare is a sadistic dream demon obsessed with escaping into the Waking World so as to reign supreme over all humanity. To this end, Nightmare uses his enhanced powers on Halloween night to terrify four young teens with their worst fears, before trapping their astral souls in neverending nightmares to power a machine he plans to use to open a portal into the Waking World. Transforming their physical forms into their worst fears and sending them on a rampage through New York, Nightmare also traps Dr. Strange in his own worst nightmare while also attempting to manipulate the Hulk into destroying the human part of his personality in order to control him. Once escaping the dream realm after attempting to murder the four children for outliving their usefulness, Nightmare plunges all of New York into a never-waking nightmare, at which point he reveals he plans to do the same to the rest of the world and feed on their fear for all eternity. Monstrous and sadistic, Nightmare lives up to his namesake as a truly wicked demon.

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