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YMMV / Hoyle's Rules of Dragon Poker

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  • Acceptable Targets: If you exist or ever will exist, there's guaranteed to be at least one conditional modifier designed to screw you over. However, a few rules ad modifiers seek to punish specific groups.
    • Teetotalers:
    Should anyone not in the group complain about drinking, at the end of the night, all players will leave any empty bottle in front of the complainers door.
    • Liars:
    If a player's significant other asking if said player is there or where they are, a small bribe from the player must be donated to every member of the group in exchange for their silence.
    21. If a player is caught lying, they must play their next hand with all cards face up.
    • Assholes/Bitches:
    If a new player is added to the table who is determined to be a total asshole/bitch who deserves to lose their money, the more knowledgeable players may elect to deliberately confuse, cheat and bear false witness about conditional modifiers to the new player.
    • Losers:
    52. If the local radio station allows requests during the session the loser of a hand must call in 'The Gambler' by Kenny Rogers to continue playing.
    60. the overall loser of a game or session will be rechristened by their betters and keep their name until the next new moon.”
    • Winners:
    212. A player who wins seven hands in a row must play the next hand blind.
    40. In the event of an election and a politician wins, cards will be dealt from the bottom of the deck.
  • Unfortunate Implications: In-universe, the author claims that many female players dislike the fact that the Queen card is changed to an Ogre. There's a conditional modifier that changes this, because of course there is.

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