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YMMV / How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

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  • Aluminium Christmas Trees: "Bullshit" is an actual card game, though it's known by its cleaner titles "Cheat" and "I Doubt It".
  • Designated Hero: We're supposed to root for both the leads even though they have no problem doing something so nasty to another person that could damage their self-esteem and ability to trust.
  • Funny Moments: After their first date, Andie and Ben respectively tempt fate.
    Ben: (To himself, whilst waving to her) Ooh, you are falling in love with me already.
    Andie: (To herself, whilst waving back) I'm gonna make you wish you were dead.
    • King Krull, the Chinese-crested.
    • Andie and her co-workers making fun of how their boss has a bad habit of popping in on them during lunch.
    • When Andie claims she's vegetarian just as Ben presents her with a lamb roast he cooked himself. She even starts woefully singing "Mary had a Little Lamb" and gagging.
      • Later, at a strictly vegan restaurant, while Andie is away, Ben gargles water to get rid of the bland taste, whilst he covers his meal in salt for flavor.
    • Andie's album of hers and Ben's photo-shopped "memories". One of the photo-shopped faces is a little boy grinning his gap-toothed smile as wide as he can.
      Ben: Our kids are really... attractive.
    • According to his mother, Ben wore diapers until he was five years old. He nearly chokes on his drink when Andie brings this up.
    • Ben discovering that Andie has filled his bathroom cabinet with her stuff. Naturally, he doesn't take it well.
      Ben: (disgusted) Aw, no, no, nooo!
    • Andie disrupting Ben's Poker game with his friends.
    • The part where Michelle must pretend to be a couple's counselor. What makes this comical is that the roles are switched: Andie has to play the overemotional girl while her friend plays the sane one. It's In-Universe Playing Against Type.
    • After learning the truth, Ben and Andie have an argument in the form of a duet singing "You're So Vain". Rather badly.
    • Andie storms out of the party still wearing the priceless necklace she was loaned for the evening. As she and Ben are yelling at each other a security guard runs up to them and forces himself to interrupt.
      Security Guard: Please, just give me the necklace. Then you can go on a kill each other.
  • Heartwarming Moments: In the beginning, one of Andie's more serious writings are about ways a warring country could make peace.
    • During their visit to his family in Staten Island, Ben's mother reveals that Andie is the first girl he's ever brought home to his family.
    • Even before that, Andie and Ben bonding over his family's favorite card game. It's the first time Andie drops her façade as a clingy, sensitive cringe-worthy girlfriend.
    • Ben's quiet delight at learning second-hand that Andie loves him. Not because he's won a bet, but because he loves her back.
      Ben: She loves me?
    • When Michelle's boyfriend comes back to her, especially because, despite her clingy nature, he missed her during their breakup.
  • Memetic Mutation: In the Latin American countries it's popular the line "Bullshitnote ." from the card scene.
  • Narm: Pause at 00:01:27 into the movie to read the last paragraph of Andie's column on Tajikistan. Even Thomas Friedman would call it shallow.
  • Tear Jerker: It's rather painful to watch as Andie and Ben simultaneously learn about the bet and the magazine article (respectively). They both fell in love with each other, and it hurts that just as they learned the other genuinely loved them, it's undone by the bitter truth.
    • Before this, Andie has a change of heart when she realizes she's fallen for Ben. He's unaware that he is part of her project to 'lost a guy in 10 days', and she's feeling awfully guilty about manipulating the one guy she's fallen for.
    • "Because you can't lose something you never had."
  • Wangst: Despite Andie's complaints about the state of her journalism career, it's difficult to feel sorry for someone who has her own monthly column in a popular magazine based in New York City.
  • Why Would Anyone Take Him Back?: A double example in which both partners start the relationship under false pretenses. Both halves of the deception are revealed; both parties are hypocritically furious and dump each other, then decide in the end that they're meant to be together after all. Though it could be argued that in that case, they deserve each other.