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YMMV / Hotel Transylvania: The Series

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  • Awesome Animation: This is made by the same group who did The ZhuZhus series, which likewise was praised for its expert use of Flash animation. This series is no different and the monster designs allow them to go much more wild.
  • Broken Base:
    • The short musical numbers mid-episode have divided the fanbase with those that don't mind them and those that consider them too corny and cringeworthy.
  • Only the Creator Does It Right: Some fans of Hotel Transylvania are rather critical of the fact that Genndy Tartakovsky, one of the most prominent crewmembers of the films along with being a major factor in the first film getting made in the first place, has pretty much no involvement in regards to the TV Series.
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  • The Scrappy: Absolutely no one likes Mavis' cousin Klaus, considering what an egotistical and ill-mannered braggart he is and how poorly he treats Mavis.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • In "Drop the Needle", Klaus ends up stuck in his bat form and is used by Aunt Lydia to replace the broken needle on her record player, which is a most satisfactory comeuppance for all the crap he puts Mavis through.
    • In "Gorytelling", Mavis apologizes to the audience immediately after encouraging Klaus to sing.


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