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YMMV / Hotel Artemis

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  • Evil Is Sexy: Nice. Considering she's played by Sofia Boutella, it's a given.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Even critics who didn’t like the movie admit it’s all worth it solely for Jodie Foster’s performance as the Stoic Woobie protagonist Nurse.
  • Love to Hate: Acapulco is a pathetic crook who constantly runs his mouth to compensate for his actual lack of a threatening nature, but Charlie Day is clearly having a blast making him as pathetic and despicable as possible, and the amount of shit that goes wrong for him is both deserving and hilarious.
  • Magnificent Bitch:
    • Jean "The Nurse" Thomas runs the titular hospital that criminals go to where she only entry members access, even throwing out a non-member for demanding access. Jean also has a secret tunnel she uses to sneak an injured cop into the hotel and uses the same tunnel to escape with her remaining patients when Crosby Franklin and his goons breach the hotel after she tricks Crosby's father into confessing to murdering her son. When Crosby blocks her escape, Jean helps Waikiki kill him before the two part ways.
    • Nice is a seductive yet professional assassin hired to kill Orian "The Wolf King" Franklin. Having already wounded him, Nice injures herself so that she can gain entrance to Hotel Artemis, knowing that the Wolf King will have to go there to get patched up. When the Wolf King arrives, Nice blows up the power box leaving him vulnerable for her to kill. This also leads to Honolulu's death and when confronted about it by his brother, Waikiki, Nice gets him to lower his gun by claim not knowing Honolulu was on life support and reminding him of their past relationship. Nice later volunteers to take on the Wolf King's men allowing Waikiki and Jean to escape, while implying to have escaped the onslaught unscathed.
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  • So Okay, It's Average: The primary consensus of the movie, according to critics. A fun but unambitious film with a stellar cast, cool visual style, and dry humor.