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  • Defictionalization
  • The Troubles: Some points in the group's oeuvre can be read as allusions, or veiled Take That!!, at the ongoing crisis in Northern Ireland which was at its height during their active life in the 1970's.
    • The song The Power and the Glory, on the 'Book of Invasions'' album, tells the mythology of how Ireland was wrested from foul alien trolls with no table manners who oppressed the natives most brutally, called the Fomorians. The song contains the lines from the avenging human invaders@
      The dawn will break, the Day is coming - the daybreak's here!
This is a somewhat close translation of the IRA battle slogan 'Tiochfaidh Ár La! - Our Day Will Come!''

  • Similarly, The Táin is a concept album about a later mythological cycle, in which Ulster stands against the rest of Ireland in war and enmity. The final song, Shadows on our Skin is both a reflection on the futility of war and carries a bitter message that Ireland, or at least its top right-hand corner, hasn't progressed very much in several thousand years. The BBC used it as title music to a play about Northern Ireland in the troubles, which the song partly inspired, which was indeed called "Shadows On Our Skin".

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