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  • Awesome Music: "Nocturnal Rainbows" is universally considered to be among his finest work.
  • Broken Base:
    • Knock Madness has many split with some calling it awful, corny trash while others calling it a good release that simply does not stack up well compared to Raw.
    • "Ill Mind of Hopsin 7" is pretty divisive as well. He's either expressing doubts and questions about his beliefs which most people of faith will experience at some point, or he's starting to be caught up in "the life" and losing sight of what he stood for.
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    • "Happy Ending" note  Is easily one of the most outright racist songs in recent memory, something a white artist would be metaphorically eviscerated for writing and performing, and honestly sounds like a song Hopsin would criticize another rapper if they had written or performed it.
  • Funny Moments: He mentioned an incident where his mother called him to tell him that his dad was "proud of him for winning that award on MTV" when Tyler the Creator won best new artist.
  • Growing the Beard: Raw is arguably a much more personal and unique product than Gazing At the Moonlight.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In his song Baby's Daddy he says that he'll take the woman's baby, stuff it in a pillowcase and beat it. Fast forward to Ill Mind of Hopsin 9 where he talks about the son he'll never get to see and that line becomes this trope.
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  • Insult Backfire: "No Words". While even his many detractors generally agreed with the basic message that he was trying to send, they nonetheless panned it as boilerplate Hopsin self-aggrandizing pretentiousness; in other words, for making fun of low-hanging fruit while also making music that was nowhere near as profound or insightful as he clearly thought it was.
  • Fandom Rivalry: Between his fans and fans of OFWGKTA.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Did the man who invented college go to college?"
  • Narm: "Ill Mind of Hopsin 6" can be a bit over the top emotional to some.
  • Snark Bait: By rap fans and others alike, a lot of his lyrical content has been dissected and snarked about to kingdom come. The general consensus in most rap circles is that he is a pretentious, loudmouthed idiot who clearly sees himself as some sort of pseudo-messianic figure, but only fools people like him while everyone else rolls their eyes.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • "Heather Nicole" is a sincere, saddened apology to a woman he regrets mistreating. And it shows.
    • "Ill Mind of Hopsin 6" is a song devoted to a friend of his who became addicted to drugs and ended up with his life in shambles, and Hopsin spends many verses in it saying he wished he had stepped in and stopped it when he could.
    • "Ill Mind 7" also has shades of this.
    • "Ill Mind 8", which went from "will never happen" to "awesome call-out track" in a hurry following the end of Funk Volume and launch of his new label Undercover Prodigy, becomes this as well with the following line at which point you realize what Hopsin had to leave behind:
    "So good luck, Jarren; Dizzy: Hoppa; SwizZz; I'm goin' solo."
  • Vindicated by History: Not Hopsin himself, but an off-and-on friend of his. In 2013, alternative white rapper The Jokerr feuded with Hopsin and the Funk Volume crew, with several diss songs aimed at them, making the claim that he and Hopsin were once as close as brothers but he was cut out of Hopsin's life by Damien Ritter. Jokerr insisted that Ritter was a corrupt puppetmaster out to make a buck and didn't care about Hopsin or anyone else, yet Hop, the crew, and even their fans were spineless, stupid, and greedy enough to go along with his deception. Understandably, many fans of Hopsin and FV absolutely hated Jokerr because of this, accusing him of being being bitter and jealous of Funk Volume's success. He eventually apologized about attacking Hopsin and the others, yet maintained his insistence that Ritter was crooked. By summer 2015, Hopsin and Jokerr had patched things up enough for Jokerr to post a video of the two freestyling together.

    Upon the immediate start of 2016, a phone call between Hopsin and Ritter took place while the crew was with Hopsin, in which Dame accused Hopsin of working only 20% as hard as other popular rappers. Aside from shocking everyone around and utterly pissing Hopsin off, this also solidified in Hopsin's mind that he'd given Dame too much power in the companynote  and couldn't trust him going forward.note  Hopsin soon gave Ritter an ultimatum that one of them had to go, and Dame called his bluff and decided to stay. The result, as clearly evidenced through Hopsin's social media and interview appearances as well as "Ill Mind of Hopsin 8", was the ugly dissolution of Funk Volume, complete with various accusations aimed at Ritter including wage manipulation, gaslighting, and misappropriation of company funds to gamble, along with comparisons to the late Eazy-E's widow Tomica Wrightnote  and former manager and business partner Jerry Hellernote . With Jokerr ostensibly proven correct about Dame all along, fans have started calling for Hopsin to collaborate with Jokerr on something for his new Undercover Prodigy label.

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