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  • Crosses the Line Twice: In Chapter 10, Jack recalls an incident from before she became Rabbit when her friend Juana tried to ask her crush Mike to the Turnabout Dance by giving him a sleeve of ten cupcakes that Jack helped her bake, decorated with the word "TURNABOUT?", one letter each. Mike returned the sleeve with two of the cupcakes untouched, reading "NO". In the context of the scene it's pretty sad, since Jack is comparing this to herself and "Perro" trying to deliberately hurt a recent akuma victim's feelings in order to lure the butterfly back to him. But remove the story from that context and take into account that Juana would soon afterward cut Jack out of her life entirely over Jack's sudden flakiness thanks to her obligations as Rabbit, and the creativity of Mike's dickishness actually becomes kinda hilarious (if you didn't find it hilarious anyway, that is).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • During the Phoenix attack in Chapter 11, Ladybug's Lucky Charm is a place card telling her to go and talk to Chloe. In the Miraculous Ladybug episode "Sapotis" that aired a few weeks later, Lucky Charm produces a red and black teapot as a more roundabout clue that she needs to get help from Master Fu. Also, the same episode reveals that Fu has Miraculous and kwamis based on the Eastern Zodiac, including a rabbit and a dog, both of which have since appeared in the episode "Sandboy".
    • The season 3 premiere features a villain called Chameleon with similar powers to this story's, the difference being the former is an akuma and the latter is a Miraculous holder - which makes it extra hilarious, since it's not the first time an Akuma and Miraculous have had a similar powerset- Volpina and Rena Rouge, anyone?.
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    • The season 3 episode "Timetagger" introduces the canon Rabbit Miraculous, and not only is it also a watch, but it belongs to Alix, who has a prominent Hates My Secret Identity relationship with Jack/Rabbit in this fic.
  • HSQ: The ending of Chapter 16 and much of Chapter 17, which upends pretty much everything we thought we knew about Omega and the Guardian.
  • Tear Jerker: The Guardian, aka Evelynn’s whole situation. Her Grandfather is a Corrupt Corporate Executive planning to use the Recree Kwami to take over the world. She not only failed to keep the Swan Kwami out of his hands, but has seen the death of one holder and the alienation of another.
  • The Woobie: Jack, who has had to go through a lot of crap both as herself and as Rabbit. It's especially heavy during her first day at Francois Dupont - none of her classmates are willing to reach out to her or even talk to her in English except eventually Adrien, and as Rabbit she accidentally destroys a Paris neighbourhood while running from an akuma thanks to her powers changing on her without warning - but we later learn her life has been going downhill ever since shortly after she got the Rabbit Miraculous to begin with - in particular, she lost all of her childhood friends in a matter of weeks because her akuma fights were getting in the way of their plans, and right when she had found love with Diego/Perro Negro, she's forced to move to Paris with her parents, leading to the above mess.

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