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YMMV / Hong Kong Phooey

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  • Ear Worm: The theme song, full stop.
  • Mondegreen: A lot of people mishear Penry as Henry.
  • What an Idiot!: It really makes you wonder why people depend on a dog that can't even tell that his partner did all the work. The amount of times he does things wrong is truly unbelievable, to the point of being absolutely unbearable.
    • To an extent, some of the regular citizens don't even care that a villain is doing something or even care that Phooey did anything wrong around them.
    • In one episode, a worker, whom had just finished paving a road, had his work ruined by Hong Kong Phooey driving over it, responding with something along the lines of "What an honor, to have an entire day's work ruined by the great Hong Kong Phooey!"...non-sarcastically, no less!
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  • What Could Have Been: A live action/CGI Hong Kong Phooey movie had been in development hell for several years. Eddie Murphy had been tapped to voice Phooey.


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