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YMMV / Holocaust 2000

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  • Complete Monster: Angel Caine is a young man whose good appearance and gracious manners mask his evil true nature as The Antichrist. Unwittingly fathered by technician and industrialist Robert Caine, Angel intends to use the construction of an experimental nuclear power plant in the Middle East by his father's company to start a meltdown that would result in the annihilation of all humanity. He strangled his own twin brother to death with his umbilical cord before they were even born, and later in life uses an attempt on his father's life by a religious fanatic as an opportunity to murder his mother without drawing suspicion on himself. Several people who interfere with his plans are killed in brutal ways, including a politician who's decapitated by helicopter blades; a scientist who's bisected with a malfunctioning automated door; and a priest who's blown up onboard a plane during takeoff. He has his father locked away in a mental asylum after he confronts his son about his inhuman nature and apocalyptic plans, and when his father's new girlfriend Sara is expecting a baby girl, he arranges for every child in the maternity ward to be poisoned to death. A chilling sociopath with no redeeming traits whatsoever, Angel delights at the prospect of a "cleansing holocaust of nuclear fire".

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