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YMMV / Holby City

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  • Harsher in Hindsight: Rosie Marcel suffered a miscarriage a few days after filming scenes where Jac gave birth. Though making it slightly better is that she did successfully give birth a few years later.
  • Seasonal Rot: Much of the 2020-2021 episodes made during the COVID-19 Pandemic were seen by viewers as being weak, and for detracting from the Cameron/Chloe Arc for filler which wasn't even entertaining filler; the Sacha (a male) story arc was seen as lackluster and dull, although Bekah, Sacha's daughter was liked as a character. It was less well regarded than the 2018-2019 seasons and the Cameron/Chloe Arc which was halted temporarily.
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  • Watched It for the Representation: The romance between Berenice "Bernie" Wolfe and Serena Campbell became one of the great lesbian Super Couples of British television for this reason — a pre-watershed, female/female romance with actresses over fifty was so rare on primetime television as to be nonexistent, and the pairing was wholeheartedly embraced by legions of queer women who otherwise had no particular interest in the show. Both Jemma Redgrave (Bernie) and Catherine Russell (Serena) — but particularly Russell, who is the more outspoken one of the pair in general — have noted often that they are well aware of just how important the representation is, and are incredibly pleased and proud to have been part of it.