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YMMV / Hohzuki Island

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  • Complete Monster: Kuwadate is the teacher on the seemingly Orphanage of Fear on a island in Japan. In the same chapter where he is introduced, he attempts to rape his co-worker Yukino. After she defended herself, Kuwadate accosted one of his preteen students and tried twice unsuccessfully to rape her. Kuwadate is by far the most vicious and dangerous of the teachers. When the same student who he tried to rape fall unconscious, Kuwadate tries to rape her again only to be stopped. When a child lies to protect his teammates, Kuwadate breaks his leg and leaves him alone in the wilderness. After he apparently dies while trying to kill the children, he reappears, trying to kill now both the children and his own coworkers. When The Reveal happens, Kuwadate ends up being the only actually evil teacher, lacking any redeeming qualities, and shows his heinousness by being as bad as the children see him.
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  • Toy Ship: Kokoro and Hatsune. Her first word after being mute for God knows how long is his name, after all. On the Ho Yay side, Kokoro seems awfully upset when Shu appearantly dies and is very happy to see he's alive.


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