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YMMV / Hilary Duff

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  • Ear Worm: An entire textbook of them. "Fly", "So Yesterday", "Come Clean", "Wake Up", "With Love", "Stranger", "Why Not", "Danger", "Beat of My Heart", "Chasing the Sun", "All About You", "Sparks".
  • Funny Moments:
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  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: In Italy, she's considered very popular there. Must be why they had their own exclusive Greatest Hits Album called 4ever Hilary Duff in 2006, during her one sort of break...
  • Fandom Rivalry: Fans like taking shots at Ariana Grande's "Focus" video because it has some similarities to Duff's "Sparks".
  • Harsher in Hindsight: "Daddy's always there" in "Sweet Sixteen" can be seen as cringe-worthy considering her now fractured relationship with her father due to his cheating on her mother.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
  • Mondegreen: It's "wake my dreams," not "wet" my dreams."
  • Narm: "So Yesterday" has the line "If the light is off, then it isn't on."
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  • Sacred Cow: By some variation, Disney Channel fans will consider her the only early Disney Star besides Raven-Symone that didn't fade into obscurity, something that sadly happened to later Disney stars (Aside from Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, the Sprouse Twins, and somewhat with Zac Efron. And, of course, Miley Cyrus).
  • Signature Song: Either "Wake Up" or "So Yesterday."
  • Tear Jerker:
    • "Someone's Watching Over Me", "Who's That Girl?", "Jericho".
    • Raise Your Voice is one long tear-jerker.
    • "Love Just Is" gravitates between this and Heartwarming Moment.


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