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YMMV / Highwaymen

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  • Complete Monster: Fargo is a Serial Killer who travels around the States in his 72' El Dorado to use his car in vehicular homicides. Ever since he was a kid he had a disturbing fascination with car accidents until he decided to stage his own. Now a middle-aged insurance investigator, he primarily targets women, murdering the protagonist James Cray's wife in front of him before convincing the authorities that it was an accident. This started a years-long feud as James incapacitated Fargo in revenge, before Fargo disappeared from the hospital as a cripple to continue his killing spree elsewhere. He sends Cray photos of the deaths he causes to taunt him for being unable to stop him, leaving a body count of at least nine women and several others. He goes out of his way to torment his victims, such as tying a crashed car with two victims inside to the back of his own and dragging them along the road at high speed. He later kidnaps a victim whom Cray had initially saved to take her back to the motel where he had previously killed his wife, putting her in a red dress to re-enact the murder solely to mess with Cray.