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YMMV / High Rise Invasion

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  • Abandon Shipping:
    • Kuon/Sniper Mask, when people notice their age gap (see below in Broken Base).
    • More minor, but Sniper Mask/Yuri get sink for some fans when Sniper Mask is revealed to be her step-brother.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Kuon is this. Some consider her as a funny, cute and/or relatable character while the other part found her boring, useless and annoying. Some extreme are even jealous she gets in the way of "their man".
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  • Broken Base: Kuniper (Sniper Mask x Kuon) ship qualified. The detractors felt uncomfortable to a romantic relationship between them as Kuon is 16 and Sniper Mask is around his twenties and pointed out that Sniper Mask only see the former as a little sister. The other half stated Sniper Mask's feelings are enough ambiguous for the ship to be sailed and as Kuon spirit had merged with him, they technically will stay together forever. Kuon being a Base-Breaking Character in herself and having a crush on the most popular character of the franchise adds fuel on the fire.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Thanks to Sniper Mask's popularity, some people started to watch the show only to see him in action and understand the hype around him.
  • OTP: Nise/Yuri.
  • Squick: The infamous scene where Yuri had to strip for the policer in the first episode.


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