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  • Complete Monster: Yves, the brother of Madame Cymbaline, is a soul-stealing demon sealed away by his sister in a painting. Accidentally freed and loosed upon the world due to the exploits of master thief Lucifer, Yves immediately attempts to kill those who freed him. Resolving to slaughter his sister no matter how many people have to die in the process, Yves goes to such lengths as nearly letting loose the denizens of the Shade unto Earth in his attempt to devour Val's soul; devouring the souls of innocent people to nourish himself; and brutally massacring Cymbaline's men to intimidate her. Eventually, Yves resolves to steal the soul of Lucifer herself to empower himself enough to destroy his sister. Yves values nothing else but his own freedom and was willing to tear the world apart for the sheer purpose of slaughtering his sister and being free to consume as many souls as he wanted.

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