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YMMV / Her Story

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: A huge part of the game revolves around deciding for yourself who the woman (or women?) really is and what she did. Are Hannah and Eve really two twins, Separated at Birth? Is one of them just the other's Split Personality, acting out on her own? Or is it all just one big lie to try and avoid being sent to prison for murder? By the end, we still don't have a clear answer.
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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Eve singing and playing the guitar during her police interrogation (apparently at the detective's prompting no less). While the lyrics do have some significance to the story, it looks more like an excuse to let Seifert show off her musical skills (she's half of an indie band). It could also be justified by the detective growing suspicious that the woman may actually be twins impersonating each other. Since she stated that she plays guitar, they may have given her a guitar and asked her to play in order to prove that she's really who she says she is.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Occasionally when you find the correct evidence, you'll see this unnerving image while police sirens go off. The music during the game doesn't help to make it any less disturbing..
  • Squick: Eve claiming to have broken Hannah's hymen in order to keep their ruse going.

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