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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: The IC forum games thread also has some parts of a character's personality that rarely show up in the actual RP, if at all.
    • However, most of these personality aspects come from Actor Allusion, so it may not even be canon to the RP.
  • Ass Pull - The Foundation X Connection according to this troper, Wordof God, considering there was no forewarning or foreshadowing.
  • Funny Moments: Bridge handcuffs himself to Whip Nagara (aka Kamen Rider Raiga), and then loses the key ...
    • When under attack my a divine Kaiju who is about to kill a heavily ailed Nakida, her reaction is to kick it in the groin.
  • Game-Breaker - Marcel's Arms Driver heals his wounds instantly upon transformation. Granted, there was a time lock on it, but since becoming possessed, the lock is removed. There's a reason Marcel doesn't show up in many threads anymore...
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  • Ho Yay: Jasmine and Sakura.
  • Magnificent Bastard - Simon's backstory specifically states that he was this before prison. The leader of Section, Vincent, also counts, especially during the Nex Tech incident and hiding the prototype on his person rather than with heavily armed security and essentially out-bluffing an assassin as well as Jack Frost/Kamen Rider Eternal.


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