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YMMV / Henry Kuttner

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  • Nightmare Fuel: The Twonky
  • Values Dissonance: "A Gnome There Was" opens with a bilious attack against the labor movement. (The overall mentality of Kuttner characters is total self-interest, even if the character outwardly seems to be engaged in altruistic pursuits.)
    • Less an attack on organized labor and more an attack on the self-absorbed young rich twit who sees himself as 'saving labor' while not so secretly despising the working class. As the story itself says:
    "He thought of the Working Class as a cross between the Kallikaks and the Man With a Hoe... He knew that Labor needed him. He was wrong. What he needed was labor, about eight hours of it a day."
    • Gallegher's alcoholism is considered comedic both by other characters and in the narration, even though it makes him miserable.