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YMMV / Hellraiser: Judgement

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  • Character Rerailment: Picking up where Revelations left off, Pinhead is back to being a judge of the truly wicked, and not a stereotypical slasher baddie who kills everyone he runs across. Not to mention that his look is closer to the classic movies than the rather goofy design from Revelations.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: Compared to other Hellraiser films in the canon (Inferno, Hellseeker, Deader, Hellword) that originated as non-Hellraiser horror films modified to include token Cenobite/Pinhead scenes to make them into Hellraiser films. Promoted Fanboy Gary Tunnicliffe attempts to rationalize Pinhead's Motive Decay into becoming a dignified and sinister figure of moral authority over the damned instead of his original Neutral Evil sadomasochist incarnation seen in Hellraiser 1-2 and Revelations, by establishing that the Order of the Gash had been merged with a rival Order in Hell, that specializes in judging the damned.

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