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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Hela really irredeemably evil? Or is she simply a product of her rather tragic upbringing? Let's see, in her original backstory, she was born to parents who clearly couldn't give a damn about her, she was ripped apart from her siblings and cast out to The Underworld by her own (adoptive) grandfather purely on the word of others, even though she hadn't even yet done anything to deserve such treatment and then she was basically left there with only the souls of the dead as companionship. Is it really that surprising that she feels such bitter resentment towards Odin and the other Asgardians? That's not even taking into account the later retcon in Journey Into Mystery where it was revealed that she was actually created by Kid Loki (rather than fathered) as his ideal friend but then cast back in time (by herself no less) so that she could be protected from Evil Loki, meaning she was forced to grow up alone, without her soulmate and with no family or friends to speak of.
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  • Can't Un-Hear It: It's probably safe to say that most who have seen Thor: Ragnarok will be hearing Cate Blanchett's wonderful Contralto of Danger in their head every time they see Hela in the comics from that point on.
  • Complete Monster: In Thor: Ragnarok, Hela, Goddess of Death and Thor's monstrous elder sister, helped Odin conquer the empire of Asgard, but when he tired of war and finally sought peace, she was sealed away when her bloodlust and cruelty grew too great. After murdering his guards, Hela was finally subdued and sealed but massacred the Valkyries until only one remained when they sought to prevent her escape. Upon returning to Asgard, Hela slaughters all its soldiers when they resist her and tries to claim the sword of Heimdall to open the gate to the other Realms. When Heimdall saves the population of Asgard, Hela attempts to have her undead soldiers slaughter all of Asgard's people while forcing Thor to watch them die—after she had blinded him in one eye. She even killed her own right-hand man, Skurge, when he takes a stand to defend Asgard's civilians. Monstrous, sadistic and insatiable, Hela seeks to open the gate to all other Realms so she can conquer everything and continue her work of drowning them in blood and tears.
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  • Cry for the Devil: Journey into Mystery brings Hela in a more tragic light if she really is the version of Leah created by Kid Loki. Created simply as a Plot Device to stop The Serpent, she was left without a purpose or story, even as she has the memories of her namesake, and became Surtur's herald out of resentment. Then, she was casted back in time where she spent most of her life in isolation until she became the Hela that people fear and hate. The new Thor series makes her even more pitiful after Thanos breaks up with her. She looked genuinely heartbroken since it's the second time that someone she loves has abandoned her again.


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