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  • Complete Monster: Lee, the Sea Devil, also known as the Father From Hell, is introduced escaping from prison by massacring a group of police officers and prison guards, sacrificing his loyal gang members to do so. A vicious pirate, Lee is known for slaughtering those he finds while abducting groups of children. Lee then forces the children into a well for days or weeks without food or water, in the sweltering heat, until he throws down a bottle of water and watches the children fight to the death. The survivor is then raised by Lee as his child and eventual member of his gang. When his treacherous "son", Abdi, later named Ishmael, betrays him and resurfaces with amnesia, Lee sends his men to capture Ishmael, and to massacre whoever stands in their path, resulting in massive amounts of bloodshed and death. When he and Ishmael finally engage in a duel to the death, Lee even attempts to use the last of his energy to try to drag Ishmael to death with him out of spite.

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