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YMMV / Harry Potter Comics

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  • Badass Decay: Voldemort's not nearly as powerful as he was in the books, possibly justified by him now being in his younger form.
    • Arguably, he's just as powerful (possibly moreso, now that his soul is whole), it's just that the fear he inspired is pretty much gone.
  • Crazy Awesome: In one of the chapters, a reincarnated Voldemort attacks the North Pole and takes over the job of Santa Claus. Harry, his kids, friends, and a mind-alteration-proof muggle cop all head towards the north pole to stop him, but the cop calls Stargate Command in order to call in a favor. A battle ensues at the north pole, which is ended when Voldemort's sled is blown up by an F-302 piloted by Shepard and McKay. And all of this- ALL OF THIS- is done in Lego. That's right- the people who made this constructed an F-302, the North Pole, Stargate Command, and the various other locations in the story, all out of LEGO.