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YMMV / Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Harry, for obvious reasons. He comes across as having more of an American action hero feel to him; he keeps a gun because it might come in useful, he drawls, he's quick to throw witty and sarcastic remarks at authority figures, and he draws a lot of inspiration from American military procedures. It does make sense as older!Harry did spend a lot of time with the Americans following the deaths of his friends but it can be jarring when comparing him to the very British school boy he was the first time around.
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    • Mr. Granger gets the biggest change of anyone, as he is turned from someone who is implied to be a bit timid from canon sources into a thoroughly stubborn, opinionated, highly demanding overprotective father who reacts negatively to the idea of boys interested in his daughter and was actually prepared to pull Hermione out of Hogwarts with no thoughts as to how she felt about it. He even blamed Harry for the racism present in the magical world. This is especially jarring considering Mr. Granger is supposed to be a dentist, yet he's the most hard-assed dentist one could ever hope to meet.
    • Charlie Weasley also apparently gets a change from "genial older brother" to "insanely overprotective brother" who feels the need to make death threats against Harry.
      • This happens after Charlie learns that Harry is, in mind, older than him, so perhaps he was going the "insanely overprotective brother" because he did not want his sister to "fall prey" to someone that might be manipulating her. It's also worth noting that he's never spent any time with Harry and doesn't know what he's like on a personal basis.
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  • Broken Base: For the same reasons as Team 8. It's partly due to both fics' overbearing popularity, but a number of readers simply dislike the way in which many events and characters are depicted overall (and this isn't just limited to Shipping). You're either going to love this fic, hate it, or respect the authorial style while disapproving of the plot. No other grounds seem to exist.
  • Crazy Awesome: Luna is ten different types of this.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Snape's Adaptational Villainy makes a great degree of sense from a narrative standpoint—after all, Harry never learned about Snape's true motivations in this continuity.
  • Hype Backlash: The level of attention and praise it gets in forums as a Fanfic Mastership can colour the expectation of future readers to impossible levels.
  • Ron the Death Eater:
    • Does this to both the Dursleys and Snape. Tropes Are Not Bad; the author explicitly wanted to show the natural effects of these characters' abusiveness.
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    • Dumbledore, though, is more of a Downplayed Trope and Played With example, becoming a Well-Intentioned Extremist who believes in the ends justifying the means. But his behavior isn't meant to be malicious, and more out of an attempt to maintain peace. It does turn out to be refreshing, as he is more of an Anti-Villain than the usual "For The Greater Good" characterization that fans are so fond of using. It also helps that he is capable of changing, as seen with his portrait-self in the future (who warned Harry not to tell his past-self of his future memories).
    • Thankfully averted with Ron and the Weasleys, unlike other Peggy Sue fics that portray them as obstacles in the way of Harry/Hermione shipping. Ron is shown to be a true friend like in canon while the Weasleys show that despite their flaws, they are a loving family.
      • Somewhat played with in Percy's case, though it is more of his Lawful Stupid antics within canon. Harry calls him out on it in the second year and he grows out of it. That said, he still cares about his family very much.
  • Shipping: The story follows the canon ships of Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione, but it also tosses in a new one: Neville/Luna. (As if you didn't see that coming).


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