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YMMV / Harry Potter and the Natural 20

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  • Idiot Plot: Going by how easily Bellatrix takes over, Milo is apparently the only D&D wizard in the world who doesn't just Attack! Attack! Attack! with poorly chosen spells when facing an unexpected threat. It wouldn't even have taken much optimization to beat Bellatrix - there are a number of D&D spells that would have easily defeated her if anyone had prepared them, rule breaking or not, and it is surprising that she was able to mind control everyone so easily when Mind Blank is a standard spell in core, not even considering all the more obscure or dubious methods of immunity, such as the one used by Milo himself. Then again, this could be justified by the fact that NPC Wizards in real games are usually dumb and unoptimized, since if they used their powers intelligently, they would have already taken over the world 5 levels ago.

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