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YMMV / Happiness

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For the manga:

  • Complete Monster: Masami Sakurane became fascinated by vampires when one attacked his sister. Seeking to become one himself, Sakurane murders animals, and then children to drink their blood. Manipulating Yukino Gosho to take possession of the vampire Yuki and leaving Gosho for dead after cutting her neck, Sakurane forms a cult called the Blood of Happiness where he continues his murders. When Gosho finds them, Sakurane horrifically tortures her and even forces her to stab Sudo, the man who loves her, when he tries to rescue her. Eventually having Yuki torn apart to eat his brain, Sakurane begins murdering his followers and tries to kill Gosho for her blood as well.
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  • The Woobie: Gosho counts as this after her introduction and especially after the Time Skip, considering all the hell she goes through.

For the visual novel:

  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Jun, despite being one of Those Two Guys, is extremely popularity among fans.
  • Fan Nickname: Kamisaka Haruhi, The Haruhi Everyone Forgot, is so named because the anime came out in the same year as Haruhi Suzumiya and Ouran High School Host Club. Both of them have protagonists named Haruhi and both of which were massively popular, while Happiness was not.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Jun is probably the main reason the visual novel is known in the West. Supposedly, Jun's route is chosen more than all of the other girls combined.
  • Moe: Jun easily endears herself to fans thanks to her cute look and her sweet, bubbly personality
  • Special Effects Failure: For the anime, the computer graphics were rendered at a completely different frame rate from the traditional animation. As a result, the interpolation all feels unnaturally smooth compared to the characters, much like The Hobbit would get flack for its 48fps framerate a few years later.