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  • Archive Binge: Once you've finished the 1.4 million words of the main story up to the end of v3, you can get started on the HalO Omake Index which has over a thousand links (As of thread 24, the uncompressed list of thread links, chapter links and omake links comes to just over thirty-five pages in Microsoft Word). And if that's still not enough to sate your interest, take a look at the thread number on the Sufficientvelocity link and multiply the number of completed HalO threads by 100 pages each, and 25 posts per page. It currently stands at 80,000+ posts.
  • Broken Base:
    • The Tarbes arc at the time it was being published was not very well liked by many people who saw it as little more the Filler put in to give Louise something to do though that has largely quieted down as of the second arc with the Pixies better tied in to the main story.
    • Louise's actions towards the end of v2.0 massively divided readers, with one group saying she performed the worst kind of privacy violation to 60,000 people in a mad search for power and control which could have lead to the enslavement of all the fae. The other group says that because she was manipulated into the action and she didn't have enough information to make a proper judgement of her actions, she shouldn't be blamed at all, and that everyone who thinks she's in the wrong is being unfair. The arguing was so bad, it led to a temporary Creator Breakdown.
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    • HaLO 3.0: A nice collection of World Building, Character Development, and establishing plot points that will become important later. Or a bloated mess of badly plotted out Filler and glorified Side Stories.
  • Better Than Canon: The author has gone to great lengths to flesh out elements of the Zn T universe that were glossed over in the source material
  • Creator's Pet: Dunwell, who's main contributions to Halkagenia Online are being the Token Good Teammate to give a face to Reconquista, stops being relevant to the plot after Dunkirk. Triggerhappy admitted this and stopped giving him any scenes halfway through V3, acknowledging that they were bogging down the story.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Cromwell turning Aki, Arguile and the other dead SAO players into zombies.
    • Sir Dunwell was a loyal knight of Albion until the Crown Prince ordered him to destroy the nation's grain reserves, thus starving the entire country, to inconvenience the rebels. The prince's crossing of the horizon triggered Dunwell's Face–Heel Turn, causing him to kill the prince and defect to Reconquista.
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    • Sigurd and Ephiael manipulating a traumatized, confused, and emotionally unstable Rip Jack to kill for them as part of their plans.
  • Paranoia Fuel: The zombies. You won't know they are dead until your best friend/spouse/child stabs you with a kitchen knife, proclaiming your salvation in the name of the Founder.
  • Trolling Creator:
    "You know, I wonder what precent of the story decisions are made just to troll the readers at"
    Triggerhappy: "All of them"

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