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YMMV / Hajimete no Aku

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  • Funny Moments:
  • Heartwarming Moments: Jiro's lecturing kyoko about how stupid she was, and telling how worried he was. Then, suprise! For the first time ever, we see Jiro crying, altough it's just one tear, it's still there. Of Course, Jiro strongly denies crying at all.
  • Ho Yay: The First time Akagi and Jiro meet
    • Kimura who has a foot fetish that involves getting stepped on feels dirty after being trampled by a bunch of men.
    • Jiro makes a potion that causes a person to fall in love with the first person he sees this is demonstrated by using it on Kimura who instantly falls for Midoritani.
    • The fanclub take off their clothes, oil up, and wrestle with two bullies in order to bring a peaceful salution to what might have been a big fight.
  • Ho Yay: Way more than Ho Yay mainly cause its used for Fanservice in the form of Girl-on-Girl Is Hot.
    • Aki is constantly being borderline raped by her friends.
    • Akira Kurosawa is accused of being a lesbian by Jiro who, thanks to Kimure, thinks she's trying to seduce Kyoko. While Akira states that she doesn't like girls that way, she later says that she feels like she lost as she watches Kyoko and Jiro walk away, cue sad puppy face.
      • There is also a scene where Jiro and Kurosawa are talking together. Yuki, trying to make Kyoko jealous, says that Kurosawa is looking all Lovey-Dovey after Jiro says something. What did Jiro Say? That Kyoko would be very happy if Kurosawa stayed in school
      • After that, Kurosawa and Oogamis' growing friendship is played just like everyone else's growing relationships, including two Day In The Lime Light chapters filled with Ship Tease.
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    • Kyosato Yukari, besides more or less raping Kyoko and Kurosawa whenever drunk, she also openly states to be in love with Eiko.
    • Eiko too becomes Ambiguously Gay after a couple reveals. The first being that the sempai that Kyosato thinks so highly of and taught her all her bad habits was Eiko. The second is that after a drunken argument Eiko runs herself (and Jiro) ragged to find a job and prove herself to Kyosato, who, herself, becomes bitterly depressed, its only after Kyosato apologises and tells Eiko that no matter what she'll aways love her, that Eiko calms down. Thirdly, during another drunken argument its revealed that Eiko has never confessed to a boy, but her proposal of friendship to Kyostato sounds very much like one. The biggest reveal comes when Eiko reveals, in a blink and you miss it moment, that she and Kyosato use to play the King Game... all the time... by themselves.
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  • Moment of Awesome: In chapter 90 when Jiro Saves Kyoko from drowning definetely counts. Followed by a rather nice scene.
  • Nightmare Fuel: the Allies of Justice (at least to the Evil Organizations). Superior scientists, superior funding, superior weaponry, able to commit heinous massacres in the name of "Justice", ruthlessly efficient, and overpowered to the point that every evil organization in a region must team up to defeat just one. Their suits transform and give them superpowers! Surely, they haunt the dreams of supervillains everywhere.
  • Tear Jerker: While there are a couple moments the one that takes the cake has got to be when Genki Girl Shizuka breaks down and cries because her friend is going to die made worst by the fact that, till that moment, she was something of a Plucky Comic Relief character and never seen without some form of a smile.
  • Wangst: Kyouko can sometimes fall into this, though it gets mitigated because Kyouko herself realizes that she's being mean or complaining for no reason. It is somewhat explained as well that Kyouko still has not quite recovered from the death of her mother.


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