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  • Dork Age: Many feel they've fallen into one since 2018. With cord-cutting rapidly accelerating, the network relying more on originals to attract new customers, and the tumultuous aftermath of AT&T's takeover of Time Warner, signs have emerged that the channel is facing Network Decay. Longtime viewers were critical of the network dropping boxing, for many years a staple of the channel, due to declining ratings,note  and their mega-hit Game of Thrones ended in a highly-polarizing sour note. Making matters worse, their two biggest providers of first-run movies, 20th Century Studios and Universal, are set to end their deals with HBO when they expire in 2022 and 2023, respectively, as a result of their parent companies launching streaming platforms for their content, leaving sister studio Warner Bros. as their only major content provider. Fortunately, the newly re-christened WarnerMedia has made efforts to keep things from going further downhill, deliberately branding HBO Max under the name to help adjust the channel to the streaming age.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Their feature presentation bumpers, full stop.
    • Most famously is the "HBO in Space" opening. While watching it, remember that no CGI was used in the making of this at all.
    • This one used from 1998 to 2011 is also nothing to sneeze at, taking the "Space" opening, re-doing it in gorgeous CGI, and ramping the epicness of the original Up to Eleven.
    • Neither is this 80s effort which also has impressive CGI (courtesy of Pacific Data Images) and gorgeous neon colors.
    • Perhaps in response to the lukewarm reception to their far simpler current openings, the network later created this, another stunning remake of the "Space" opening which seamlessly blends live-action and CGI.

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