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  • Base-Breaking Character: About as much as Mary Jane is. Either Gwen is remembered for her most sympathetic take, being Peter's steady girlfriend, a smart woman who admired his intellect, and a Spoiled Sweet Uptown Girl. Or, she's remembered for her least sympathetic, as a character with no consistent personality, was regularly a raging Tsundere Hysterical Woman who Peter would never have been able to settle down with, and people just remember her better because of nostalgia and Never Speak Ill of the Dead.
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  • Cant Unhear It: Lacey Chabert (The Spectacular Spider Man) and Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man Series) are the most popular portrayals of the character to date.
  • Designated Love Interest: Gwen was absolutely this when she was alive. After they got together, Lee and Romita Sr. never properly developed her as a character aside from shilling her (such as fan favorite MJ becoming a shipper and cheer-leader for them, which writers and editors later had her do for Carlie) or having Peter constantly say out loud how much he loves her and vice versa. They are never shown going on dates or having any interactions and banter as a couple and the tension Peter had in that relationship was his work as Spider-Man, the death of her father George Stacy, and Peter wondering if he should tell her identity while Gwen would constantly cry and whine whenever he's not around. Even after her death, Peter always remembers her when Goblin killed her and never reminisces or thinks about the relationship they shared, with Jeph Loeb's Spider-Man: Blue remedying this somewhat (even if it makes numerous continuity mistakes and changes). As noted by Mark Ginocchio:
    Point being that while Peter and Gwen went on to have a very passionate romance in the pages of ASM, I was initially stunned when I was rereading these earlier issues and in one comic Gwen and Peter were just flirting and by ASM #59, Gwen is throwing her arms around him and smooching him in front of her father...Despite the fact that Stan had been teasing this romance for dozens of issues, there still wasn't any real build from "occasional interaction at school" to "going steady."
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  • Die for Our Ship: The most toxic participants of the Ship-to-Ship Combat below engage in this behavior, which unfortunately did come to pass.
  • Fandom Rivalry: Even putting aside shipping (see below), there's fans of Gwen Stacy who do not get along with fans of Mary Jane Watson, and vice-versa.
  • Never Live It Down: If fans talked about Gwen, expect the fact that she died being brought up.
  • OT3: Despite the Fandom Rivalry, there are fans who like and appreciate Gwen and MJ's in-universe Romantic Two-Girl Friendship, and are open to shipping Peter with both girls...and both girls with each other.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Gwen/Peter and MJ/Peter shippers are regularly at war, and is a major reason both women are Base-Breaking Characters.
  • Shocking Moments: Her death, which did shook the comics community at the time.


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