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  • Americans Hate Tingle: Surprisingly true to the trope, The mecha girl Gunpla (HGBF Super Fumina, Chinagguy, Hyper Gyanko & Miss Loheng-Rinko and their variants) and dozens of Petitgguy variants have caused this have sold well in Japan, but many of the foreign builders still regard those kits as the "poor man's Frame Arm Girls" and the black sheep of the Gunpla lines, which the fans believed that Bandai opted making those variants instead of producing actual kits of their fan favorite non-Build Fighters Mobile Suits and make the hobby look bad to outsiders.
  • Awesome Music: The first opening theme, "Cerulean" by BACK-ON, which really sets the tone of the show and accompanies Build Burning Gundam's reveal, as well as the Sudden Death round between Sekai and Wilfred in the tournament finals.
    • Given that Try shares its soundtrack with its parent show, this is to be expected, but the new OST isn't too shabby at all, especially the Jigen Haoh theme (called, appropriately enough, "Clear and Serene").
    • Special mention goes to the tenth track of OST 1, "These Hands of Mine Shine With a Roar", used in scenes where Sekai is going in for the win. It was most memorably heard in Episode 9, when he has fully assimilated with Build Burning.
    • One can be sure that awesome things happen when "Bell of Requiem" starts playing.
    • Tryon 3's theme.
    • The hilariously-titled "Sorry, everyone; I forgot how many times it was already" doesn't say much in its title, but the Guitar solo at the beginning will remind listeners that it's actually another awesome Meijin theme, albeit with the fast Flamenco vibe traded in for a slower, yet more hard-hitting beats, and a surprise Ominous Spanish Chanting shoehorned in for good measure.
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  • Base-Breaking Character: A downplayed example with Sekai Kamiki. While well liked by fans, some feel he was too similar to Reiji(A Reiji Clone?) and wish he had gotten a more distinctive look and personality. It doesn't help his design makes him look like Reiji's little brother.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Just like her brother before, Gyanko is pretty popular. It runs in the blood.
    • Shimon Izuna, BIG TIME. For his sympathetic motives, personality, and absolutely awesome fight with Sekai, using an unmodified, straight-built Destiny Gundamnote . Many feel Shimon did the Destiny more justice than its own show ever did, prefer him to Shinn Asuka (the Destiny's original pilot) and hope he makes a reappearance.
      • He is, and perhaps fittingly, seems to be pairing up with Gyanko.
    • The series has caused Meijin Kawaguchi III's popularity to promote from a mild Base-Breaking Character in the original series to this.
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    • With only just two episodes to her credit, Shia has also earned a following of her own, partly due to being the closest equivalent to Aila, and partly for her brief interaction with Sekai.
    • The Tryon 3 pretty much stole the show in episode 16 - people seemed to love seeing a Hot-Blooded Super Robot in a Gundam show. It helps that Tryon 3 is designed by Masami Obari.
      • And then came Episode 22. The fandom EXPLODED with adoration for it after that one.
    • The Star Winning Gundam experienced a GIGANTIC surge in popularity after it debuted its Real Mode. The number of people who have declared it their favorite Gunpla in the whole series is mind-bogglingly high. A lot of fans were disappointed that Fumina went from the heavily-armed Powered GM Cardigan to a cute support SD Winning Gundam. Surprisingly, this turned into a plot point in the story as well(she was allowing herself to be overshadowed by Sekai's talent and Yuuma's skill), with the Star Winning's real mode being an indication of Fumina's growth as a fighter and member of Team Try Fighters in her own right.
  • Fandom Rivalry: Surprisingly with franchise stablemate Gundam: Reconguista in G. For the first time, two Gundam shows began airing on the very same Anime seasonClarification , so naturally there are arguments over which is better.
    • What also doesn't help is the perception that since both shows are running at the same time, that means resources are being split between them. They even have the same voice actor for both their respective Char Clones
  • Fan-Preferred Couples: Though there are multiple ships (as described below), the most popular at this point are between the three main characters, i.e. Sekai/Fumina or Yuuma/Fumina. One can argue that most of the Ship Battles are based around those two.
  • Foe Yay: Sakai is a little too obsessed with beating Yuuma in Gunpla building competitions...
  • Fridge Squick: During the battle in Episode 25, Minato mentions that the Super Fumina model "casts off" when it takes damage; if you're not familiar with the term, it refers to figures or statues with removable clothing. Which means that not only did Minato make a model of a real person without her permission, he made a model of that person in her underwear or less. The model kit release tries to mitigate this by saying that since it's never actually seen losing armor, Minato might have been bluffing.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Yoshimasa Hosoya has been known as a gun shooter outside of his voice acting. Cue his role as Adou Saga, whose Gunpla has a revolver as one of its ranged weapons.
    • The jokes about just how badly Nils wanted to be Japanese are now funnier after it was revealed that he took Yajima as his surname when he married Caroline.
    • The jokes about how Tomokazu Sugita wants to be casted as a pilot in a Gundam series went hilarious when he voiced Kei Karima in Try, who operated the Cherudim Gundam. However, this comes at the expense of being the Butt-Monkey of the show.
    • Watching Episode 3, particularly the part where Daiki and Eri were all lovey-dovey, and were actually thinking of an MS Girl as an upcoming project for the Plamo Club, made the reveal of the Super Fumina in the final episode all the more hilarious.
    • Episode 25 has a scene where Meijin done goufed with announcing the winner of the Meijin Cup, awarding it to Yuuma instead of Minato. Cue Steve Harvey and his slip-up during the 2015 Miss Universe coronation.
    • Yuuma's preference for transforming models became this when Yuuma Uchida (his seiyuu) went on to voice Hayate Immelmann of Macross Delta, Gundam's greatest rival in the Transforming Mecha department.
    • The HGUC Barzam was teased in the show itself, coming just after a Zeta Gundam reference. Flash forward to 2017 and Zeta's anniversary — check out the actual HGUC Barzam box art. Look familiar?
    • Speaking of future HG releases, Shimon's "Team Snapfit" included a HG Jet Windam, which didn't exist at the time - not only is it confirmed for a 2020 release, it's based on the new "Fine Build" system, with a deliberately simplified structure similar to the HG Leo and 30 Minutes Missions, meant to cater to the "snapfit" crowd.
    • Gyanko's wingmen get new mechs in Island Wars that immediately drew negative attention for being obvious shilling of the new HG Revive Force Impulse Gundam, which you'd have to get two of and then repaint to replicate. Fast forward to Gundam Build Divers, and two recolored Impulse Gundams join the lineup in the last quarter (driven by a main character's wingmen to boot!)
  • Ho Yay:
    • Judging by their dynamic in Episode 3, Sekai/Yuuma. Although, it could be argued that it's leaning more towards Vitriolic Best Buds. They bicker like brothers more than anything else.
    • Sakai is somewhat obsessed with his rivalry with Yuuma. Taken Up to Eleven in Episode 22 with craploads of hot blood reminiscent of battle scenes from any Super Robot anime.
      • In his Dream Sequence in Episode 8, there are many beauties from multiple Gundam shows... including Loran in drag.
      • In Episode 22, Sakai corners Yuuma and proceeds to corner him by slamming his hand into the wall. The implication of this isn't lost on Fumina who calls the trope out while sporting a slight blush upon seeing this.
    • Sekai and Wilfrid declaring each other as rivals during the conclusion of their battle in episode 14 has shades of this.
    • Episode 20 adds in Akira and Junya in the mix, considering their amusing dynamic in the road trip scene getting Played for Laughs.
    • Female example: Thanks to Shia's statement to FuminaQuote  in Episode 18, fans see their dynamic as akin to that of the aforementioned Sekai/Wilfrid crack pairing.
      • Fumina recalling how Lady Kawaguchi inspired her to strive for becoming a Gunpla champion makes it look like she has a crush on her. For her part, in Episode 23 Lady calls Fumina a "saucy girl" and that she likes her moxie.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Given he's canonically a love interest for several female characters, it's unsurprising that most ships revolve around Sekai.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Yo, dawg! I heard you like Gunpla Battles..."note 
    • DOMOnnote 
    • The Age of Onee-sanExplanation 
    • The ''real'' Gundam Jesus has arrived! Explanation 
    • Jigged Hash Explanation 
    • Junya Has Lost His Way. Explanation 
    • Satan Fumina note 
  • Narm Charm: As always, the appearance of Meijin Kawaguchi III never fails to disappoint.
    "It's the radiance of human and machine together as one! Then blaze on, Gunpla!"
    • The fact that he has a Distaff Counterpart who's just as big a hammy chuuni as he is also helps.
  • Pandering to the Base: The staff asked fans which Mobile Suit they would like to see in the show and made a list of all the suits that they could possibly add in. The winner turned out to be the Xi Gundam of Hathaway's Flash.
  • Self-Fanservice: Gyanko's not much wider than the other girls yet most of the fanart of her tends to make her a lot chubbier with very large breasts.
  • Sequelitis: Given its lower budget and shorter production time, it's unsurprising that the series is considered inferior to its predecessor. Many viewers consider it legitimately poor on its own merits, while some merely think it just can't stack up to the original. Almost no viewers think it's as good as the original Gundam Build Fighters.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: There's currently the shipping equivalent of the Royal Rumble among supporters of the following pairings (As of Episode 13): Sekai/Fumina, Yuuma/Fumina, Yuuma/Mirai, Sekai/Gyanko and now Minato/Fumina as well as Sekai/Shia. It's probably safe to say that it will become a lot more complicated in the next few episodes...
    • Ship Sinking: Come Episode 15 though, Sekai/Gyanko seems to have fallen into this category, but for consolation sake, Shimon/Gyanko gets added in.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Unlike his teammates, Sekai doesn't really have a clear arc in the first half of the series, especially when compared to Reiji and Yuuki's rivalry in Build Fighters. He just fights without any real endgame or purpose.
  • Tough Act to Follow: As the followup to a very well-received series that together with Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn helped to Win Back the Crowd after Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Try had a very uphill battle that it couldn't win. Even many viewers with positive thoughts about the series tend to admit that it's inferior to its predecessor.
  • Uncanny Valley: Just about every real-life release of an MS Girl kit, notably the face decals. note 
  • Vindicated by History: With the release of Gundam Build Divers, the criticisms towards Try have been slightly reduced to some extent. Some fans argue that Try, while still inferior to Build Fighters, kept many appealing aspects of it that Build Divers lacked.


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