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  • Awesome Music: A given considering most of the examples are extremely prevalent in GHTV, with a few in Live mode
  • Broken Base: Has its own page.
  • Critical Dissonance: While the game was reviewed positively by critics, the fanbase has been extremely divided over the turns the game has made over the older entries in the series (microtransactions, inability to purchase songs for download, weak song choices 40 percent of the time, as stated by Reddit users, etc.)
  • Growing the Beard: Impressions of the game have been shifting positively with the amount of songs added to the game in the span of 3 months, with some notable events indicating including:
  • Harsher in Hindsight: With regards to almost no new song additions since June 2017 (the sole exception being one released on April 2018), the lyrics in the songs of Face Melting Metal 4 show seem very prophetic (especially since it was the last official premium show made by FreeStyleGames before they were bought by Ubisoft).

    "You want someone to blame
    The one who drives the rusted nail
    But who’s left will never care" - "Rusted Nail" first verse

    "Just this once
    Listen to the words I say
    If you want I will be there
    Until the end of time" - "Rusted Nail" chorus

    "Die young save yourself
    Life is only replaced by hell
    I know that the hurt will just go on
    I cant save myself" - "Through Blood and Dirt and Bone" first verse

    "I'm alone when the ending comes
    Take control of the nightmare
    This fate has become my own
    There is no quiet ending
    Ill be taking you with me
    Through blood and through dirt and bone" - "Through Blood and Dirt and Bone" second chorus

    "When I tell you I'll be fine
    I still want you by my side
    Please just try to read between the lines
    Where's my comfort in the undefined
    Please just try to read between the lines" - "The Lines" chorus

  • It's Short, So It Sucks!:
    • A common complaint of the Live mode in the game, due to only featuring 42 playable songs.
    • In GHTV, more often than not, the songs will be shortened due to using the music video instead of the master tracks, causing songs such as "More Than A Feeling", "Hangar 18" and "Through the Fire and Flames" to be shorter compared to the masters (i.e. "More Than a Feeling, normally a 4 minute song, the music video cuts out the second verse and second chorus and segues right into the solo, cutting out a good minute and a half of the song)
  • Nightmare Fuel: The game's first person view of the audience and their reactions to how you play may cause this, whether from stage fright, or seeing bottles flying towards your face from the screen.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Putting all of the Metal songs behind a freemium paywall? Really? Not letting people permanently unlock a song from GHTV? REALLY? And it really didn't help that GHTV was shut down in December 2018, making those songs permanently inaccessible.
  • Song Association: There are a lot of big names and famous songs that avert this, however some bands were quite obscure to the public until one of their songs was put in the game. Notable examples include Angus & Julia Stone ("A Heartbreak"), Beartooth ("I Have a Problem"), Black Tide ("That Fire"), Decade ("Brainfreeze"), The Karma Killers ("Coming of Age"), Marmozets ("Move, Shake, Hide"), Oceans Ate Alaska ("Vultures & Sharks"), and Rival Sons ("Keep On Swinging").
  • Surprise Difficulty: Happens quite a bit with this game, due to the different charting of returning songs that most players were used to in the previous games, examples of a surprise increase of difficulty (compared to their original appearance) include "You've Got Another Thing Comin'", "Santeria", "Toxicity", "B.Y.O.B.", and "I Believe In A Thing Called Love"
    • Played to extremes with the addition of Britny Fox to the game, people unfamiliar with them would immediately assume they were a girl pop group, not expecting a That One Boss hair metal band with one of the longest and fastest alt-tapping solos in the game.
  • That One Attack: Varies with That One Boss below, but if a song has a fast scrolling chart but has a slow-moderate rhythm, don't let it fool you, as some of those songs have brutal solos nested in the song, such as "Rip and Tear" by LA Guns having a very nasty solo and outro in an otherwise easy song and "Lonely Day" having a very fast button mash of a solo before the final chorus.
  • That One Boss: When the game was announced, the developers announced songs on the game, with a particular song announced that was an example of this in the series proper. Welcome back, Cowboys From Hell.
    • According to the developers in an article, Bangarang may be this, as one mentions having difficulty getting more than 82% notes hit in the song on Expert.
    • Another article released 2 weeks before the game release states that "Hangar 18" by Megadeth, "Ghost Walking" by Lamb of God, and "Cry of Achilles" by Alter Bridge will be this according to the developers.
    • On vocals, expect "The Rock Show" and "Girls/Girls/Boys" to hold this trope.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Going from a five-button, single row of frets to two rows of three frets is a controversial change and a large crux of where the displeasure is spawning.
  • Unexpected Character: A huge amount of artists on disk and through GHTV are not what one would expect to see in a Guitar Hero game, especially pop artists.
    • Notable pop artists such as Amy Winehouse, Avril Lavigne, Bruno Mars, Eminem, Katy Perry, One Direction, and Rihanna have songs that appeared in the game.
    • Then there are some out-there choices in the electronic music genre such as The Glitch Mob, Skrillex, and Zedd.
    • Additionally there are a number of obscure bands that many fans hadn't heard of prior to the game, and as such few had requested them. Examples include 36 Crazyfists, Dead Sara, Marmozets, and Rival Sons. Some of the artists like Rival Sons have since built some traction and become better-known.
    • Some artists, like The Karma Killers, Ashley Clark, and The Gills, are obscure or recent enough to not have a page on The Other Wiki.