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  • Archive Panic: The Guinness organization currently catalogs over 40,000 records. Only about 4,000 of them are printed annually in the book; about 15,000 are on their website, but if you need an official verification of a record you need to write directly to the organization.
  • Do Not Do This Cool Thing: Certain categories have been retired due to fears that people could damage themselves—or others—in a lawsuit-inducing way by trying them.
    • From 1991 to 2007, records related to "gluttony" (most food or drink consumed in the fastest time) were dropped as potentially dangerous. When they were reintroduced, they were moved from the "Human Achievements" section to the "Modern Society" one, which might be seen as less of an endorsement.
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    • Sword-swallowing records were included but frozen from 1990 to 2006, due again to fears that the maximum safe limit of human physiology had been reached.
    • You will look in vain for World's Youngest-Ever Mother, for instance: as the record-holder was only five, this category was discreetly dropped partly because of the paedophilia connotation and partly because there was a well-grounded fear that somebody out there would seek to beat this record, with legal implications for any publication seen to be implicitly encouraging the attempt. note 
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    • The "Loudest Band" category was dropped due to increasing awareness of the high incidence of permanent hearing damage caused by loud music.
    • The record for heaviest cat was discontinued out of fear of people overfeeding their pets.