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Video Game

  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: It's very common to find Arena parties that consist only of Story Tellers. This is because of the mini-heroes that follow them, which add extra hits to their normal attacks, and their overpowered stats and ultimate skills (Charles Perrault being quite dangerous because of his explosion skill). And let's not forget the two-handed cane Story Tellers that can HEAL the party.

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Lost Epitaph is almost memetically famous between Japanese players, to the point where it's not hard to find fanart of him.

  • Most Annoying Sound: That incredibly loud sound effect made by the wand Healers when they cast a party heal skill. Ironic, isn't it?

  • Nightmare Fuel: The face of the boss Ghost Puppet will probably remind you to the Shadowlurker.

  • Scrappy Mechanic
    • The Gacha. So, you want to get that pretty good-looking new 5* Hero? Well, you'd better have a big bunch of gems in hand and a lot of patience, because the odds of getting said hero will vary from 0.3% to 0.6%, meaning that you may end up obtaining a rare hero you didn't want, or pieces of paper. These low rates put Fate/Grand Order to shame! Not to mention that first you have to roll 30 times in order to get a single 5* Hero (which will cost you 750 stones, and it's quite uncommon to get one between every roll).

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    • The Epic Gacha. Here you have the option to spend 5 Poems of Trascendence to get a 5* Hero. These can only be obtained when you get a 5* Hero you already had. What's the problem here? You are NOT absent from getting a repeated character, which means that you may throw 5 poems... and get 1 poem in exchange. Absolutely wonderful.

2019 Anime Adaptation

  • Ass Pull: Just before Chaos Aladdin is about to off the party, Ludwig Grimm suddenly lends Ex his powers to turn the tables on, with no explanation of how it happened.

  • Magnificent Bitch: Curly is a member of the religious cult known as Church of Fortrem and also a member of the Rogue Storytellers known as Chaos Tellers. Believing that people in their own Story Zones have accursed fates that were given to them from the Book of Fate, Curly teams up with another Chaos Teller, Loki, to manipulate the people in their Story Zones who had a horrible fate in their books by turning them into a Chaos Teller, which resulted in the Story Zone getting distorted and several innocent citizens turning into creatures known as "Villains". Eventually, Curly's plans culminate as she attempts to destroy all of the Story Zones and recreate them in their own image along with Loki in order to liberate people from their accursed fates as a last resort. Despite her beliefs being refuted by the heroes, she remains affable towards them, making her one of the most compelling enemies the heroes have faced.

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  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Grimms Notes The Animation got hit with this. Many of the characters' designs were simplified, and some scenes from the game were omitted, with the first episode starting from the second Story Zone rather than the game's prologue. Even the limited-time Events were Adapted Out, leaving some characters like Robin (Sky) and Chaos Aladdin without a proper introduction. While some people do not mind the changes, there also others that feel like the anime had a rushed plot and didn't respect the original game.


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