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YMMV / Grimm S 1 E 12 Last Grimm Standing

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  • Complete Monster: Leo Taymor is a corrupt probation officer, and the leader of a gang of Löwen who resurrected the Löwen Games in Portland. While modern day Löwen have long abandoned the games, seeing them as a dark chapter of their history, Leo happily runs them for money. Using his position in overseeing parolees to find victims for his goons to kidnap, Leo then forces the captured Wesen to fight to death, preparing the combatants via Electric Torture and feeding them the bodies of the dead participants before each fight. Desiring more money, Leo broke his agreement with Sean Renard, and started kidnapping other Wesen to make the fights more interesting. Reducing the Skalenzahne, Dmitri Skontos, to nothing more than a feral beast, and caused the deaths of an elderly couple when Dmitri managed to escape. Kidnapping Dmitri's friend, the Dickfellig Brian Cooney, Leo forced him against Dmitri, and when he lost, Leo had Dmitri kill him. Knowing a Blutbad would be a big draw, Leo had Monroe kidnapped and almost killed before Nick interrupted the fight. To save his friend, Nick himself was forced into the arena. A heartless beast driven only by greed Leo abandoned his fellow Löwen when the Portland Police raided the games, and tried to grab all his blood money, before dying at the hands of Renard's assassin.

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