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YMMV / Grant Morrison's Action Comics

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  • Angst? What Angst?: Superman mourns the loss of the Kents but he isn't obsessed with their deaths to the extent people feared he would be.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Superman himself. Some love him as a return to his Pre-Crisis roots while others despise him for being much more aggressive and flawed than the Post-Crisis conception of Superman.
  • Broken Base: Honestly it would be easier to list what didn't cause uproar but some particular hot topics
    • The Kents dying when Clark was still young. A return to the Pre-Crisis tradition that showed Superman overcoming a tragic moment and staying true to their life lessons via becoming Superman, or a needless attempt at giving him some trauma?
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    • The erasure of the Lois/Clark marriage. A needed shakeup that offered a chance to explore other romantic relationships for Clark, or a pointless change given that Lois and Clark had been so tied together there was never any chance of someone else replacing Lois as Clark's endgame relationship?
    • Superman's more Golden Age hands-on attitude. Some saw actions like dangling Glenmorgan over a balcony as a betrayal of the character who hasn't been known to act like that in recent decades, while others applauded the return to Superman's leftist roots and welcomed a more active Superman in contrast to how inept the Post-Crisis Superman was perceived
  • Complete Monster: Vyndktvx is a 5th dimensional Imp whose jealousy and envy spurred him into trying to murder rival magician Mxyzptlk and the hundreds of worlds he contained inside a Pocket Dimension kept in his hat. Upon accidentally striking the King-Thing of Zrfff dead instead, Vyndktvx quickly schemes to take over Zrfff for himself, plunges Mxyzptlk into a coma, and goes about systematically destroying all of the planets inside his pocket dimension to spite his enemy, before specifically targeting Superman for burning Vyndktvx's arm during one of his attacks on Earth. Murdering Superman's parents, endangering Metropolis several times over, and horrifically killing an entire science expedition to Mars while Superman watches, Vyndktvx does all this and much more just to torment Superman, even arranging for Lex Luthor to come into prominence as Superman's Arch-Enemy. After turning a parallel Earth into a dystopia and creating a Superman-killing machine that he unleashes across the multiverse, Vyndktvx stages a massive strike against Superman in which he tortures the hero, brags about his intent to leave Earth a desolated land of suffering, and, when beaten, tries to blow up Metropolis as a final, petty blow.
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  • Harsher in Hindsight: Superdoom telling Superman he's at his best when he's dying hits harder given that Superdoom himself is an attack on how WB/DC have treated Superman over the years, and after this run Superman's death would be chosen as the focus for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Death of Superman in an attempt to rebuild Superman's perceived decline in popularity.
  • Misaimed Marketing: DC hyped up the new Superman as a more alienated and edgy figure, however despite possessing a chip on his shoulder, this Superman still very much possess the compassionate nature Superman is known for.
  • Older Than They Think: A 5-D imp gathers an army of anti-Superman villains to destroy Superman for good? Where have we seen that before?
  • Signature Scene: The opening to the first issue, where Superman threatens a bunch of criminals by declaring himself their worst nightmare.
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  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Despite having a cool costume and being characterized as a Kraven the Hunter expy for Superman, Nimrod doesn't really end up accomplishing much within the story.

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