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  • Adorkable: Yasaku is awkward, but really endearing in his own way. His morbid quirks don't make him violent, so he's infinitely more sympathetic than the average weirdo in the series.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Wilk is subjected to different interpretations both in and out of universe ever since The Reveal that he had been secretly grooming his daughter, Asirpa, into becoming a freedom fighter waging war against the Japanese government for the Ainu and that he attracted more women than Asirpa has ever known he did. In universe, Sugimoto calls him out as soon as he finds out that he raised her as a Tyke-Bomb, saying that even though his desire to protect the Ainu is noble and just, he should not turn his own daughter into a murderer when she should enjoy cooking and eating. Afterwards, Rear Admiral Koito gives Sugimoto another interpretation that Wilk taught Asirpa how to fight because having his own daughter lead the army would be reasonable to urge the Ainu to fight in his revolution. Out of universe, EidolonLathi argues in their two posts that he deliberately charmed Sofia and Inkarmat into doing what he wants them to and that he saw Asirpa as only a useful soldier to lead his own revolution for the Ainu. Golden Kamuy Hunting argues in their two posts that he just shared his beliefs with Sofia without knowing he charmed her and that he taught Asirpa how to fight so she could decide of her future.
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  • Angst? What Angst?: Many of the characters have troubled pasts that would warrant great quantities of angst in series' that aren't Rated M for Manly, Sugimoto first and foremost. It could be argued how much Sugimoto is a Stepford Smiler.
  • Arc Fatigue: The main characters' journey to Abashiri Prison. Three years of real-time publishing, over 150 chapters, for a journey that was supposed to take only a few months in-universe. And all it did was confirm The Unreveal that yes, the criminal Noppera-bo is Asirpa's father. But even this doesn't get the main characters any closer to the treasure; Noppera-bo is shot and killed, with Sugimoto seemingly dead as well, and Kiroranke has kidnapped Asirpa. There are still more than five tattooed criminals to be found, and the main characters will have to go all the way into Russian territory to find them...
  • Awesome Music: The show's first ear worm OP "Winding Road" by Man with a Mission.
    • The Season Two OP "Dawn" by Sayuri and My FIRST STORY was another great banger for the series.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Anehata Shiton and the "love" he feels for animals.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Shiton Anehata dies quickly with no characterization beyond being a knowledgeable scholar who rapes the local wildlife in Hokkaido before killing everything he's raped out of guilt. Nonetheless, he becomes a popular character as the craziest of the Abashiri convicts because his actions are so ridiculous that they're impressive.
  • Estrogen Brigade: Tsurumi, Tsukishima and Ogata have a LOT of devoted female fans.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Yasaku Edogai creates and wears really fancy (but really weird) clothes made of human skins, and one can still see the shapes of faces or limbs on them.
  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • With Delicious in Dungeon. A tumblr user even joked that the venn diagram of Dungeon fans and Kamuy fans was "practically a circle".
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    • Also with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, since fans feel both series feature a mix of high-octane action, hijinks, and bizarre antics by eccentric characters, combined with a good balance between suspenseful drama and hilarious comedy.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Or Harsher in Hindsight, depending on your sense of humor: Inkarmat claims to be partial to men with scars on their faces. At this point, it has yet to be revealed that in the past she was infatuated with Asirpa's father, Wilk, who the reader already knows has a horribly scarred face in the present (to the point people describe him as not having a face at all). Granted, he had a smaller scar coupled with a nice face when she first met him, but it's still ironic.
  • Ho Yay: Plenty, but Ushiyama and Kiroranke complimenting each other on the size of their punishment rods is a particular highlight.
  • Memetic Molester: Shiton Anehata rapes animals and trees before killing everything he's raped.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Golden Kamuy is a cooking manga" Explanation 
    • Golden Kamuy is full of crazy people (変態 hentai). Explanation 
    • Is this Bara? Explanation 
      • The Hot Springs Episode comes with a two-page spread of all the male characters, nude and positioned suggestively, which became popular to parody in Japanese fanart.
    • Anime viewers will often complain about the bad CG work used for bears, even though the production team tried to justify it.
    • The fact that Shiton Anehata's name is a pun of Ernest Thomson Seton, a founding member of the Boy Scouts of America.Explanation 
  • Out of the Ghetto: Golden Kamuy is a Seinen manga series featuring the native Ainu of Hokkaido. One of the main leads is Asirpa, a Little Miss Badass Native whose importance equals to that of her male counterpart, Saichi "Immortal" Sugimoto. The series has gained mainstream popularity in Japan due to various reasons (action, cast full of crazy people, Food Porn, Unconventional Learning Experience, and so on), breaking out of both the Girl-Show Ghetto and the Minority Show Ghetto.
  • Periphery Demographic: Golden Kamuy has managed to have a fair number of female fans, despite being an often-violent action series aimed at adult men.
  • Shocking Moments:
    • Sugimoto punching a bear in the face in the very first chapter.
    • Tsurumi calmly stabbing Sugimoto through the cheeks with a skewer.
    • Both Sugimoto and Noppera-bo getting shot in the head in the span of a few seconds.
  • Unconventional Learning Experience: Satoru Noda did a lot of historical research while writing the story, and both the manga and anime are full of educational asides detailing various aspects of life in early 20th-century northern Japan, particularly those pertaining to the Ainu.
  • Values Dissonance: The depiction of bears as man-eaters who seem to take pleasure in hunting and killing humans may raise a few eyebrows among readers from other countries. Bears Are Bad News has been a Discredited Trope in the West for a few decades thanks to the efforts of wildlife conservation organizations and advocates; while they are definitely animals that are considered to be very fearsome and dangerous, the common perception of bears in the West is that of animals who will be happy to leave you alone if you do the same to them. Many sports teams, schools, and even governments in America consider their local species of bear to be their mascot, and they're frequently seen promoting national parks. In contrast, the main Japanese exposure to bears comes from the Sankebetsu incident of 1915, where a bear attacked and killed seven people before finally being shot. This incident along with a couple of others led to the Japanese perception of bears as man-eaters and considering that in Hokkaido today the native brown bear population numbers less than 2,000 in remote areas, it's hard to see this stereotype changing anytime soon. After all, the public's opinion of an animal species can't really be changed if there are hardly any of those animals around anymore, and it doesn't help that the males of the last subspecies of bear native to the Japanese islands, the Shiretoko brown bear are so aggressive that females with cubs deliberately seek out hunters and fishermen for protection.

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