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  • Growing the Beard: The Trapped Trilogy was pretty hit or miss, but their subsequent games have been receiving more and more positive reception and less negative, Amea arguably being their best game to date.
  • Strawman Has a Point: At the end of Zombie Inglor, Inglor calls Ludy out for his alleged sadism, asking him if he ever considered that the Zombies could have feelings. Ludy scoffs at this, calling them "nothing but animals". As arrogant and smug as Ludy is, he's right: All the zombies ingame, even the non-hostile ones you can talk to, care only about killing and eating brains. Heck, Inglor's brother immediately tried to kill him post-zombification. Inglor thus comes off as starry-eyed at best and as brain-dead as the zombies at worst.

  • Narm: The game tries to be serious, but when one of the puzzles ends with a flaming cat flying into a mirror, it just doesn't work.
    • The art itself is pretty good, but the actual animation and dialog leaves something to be desired, particularly with some of the facial expressions.
  • Narm Charm: The last third or so of the game takes the kid gloves off and hits the player with some pretty heavy stuff. The animation and dialog quality doesn't really improve much, but the sheer nightmarishness of the situation helps retain some of the scare factor.
  • Moment of Awesome: Jonathan taking Seth out with an axe when the guy tries to rape his wife.
    • Tark cutting a bloody swath through a large horde of fog monsters (some of which are the size of CARS) with only an ax and Ira as backup.
    • Ira getting in on the action and using a shotgun to shoot through hordes of locusts.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Seth murders Tark just because he had a scientific explanation for the monsters.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: One of the biggest complaints about the game are the constant mini-games and the Fake Difficulty they add, such as collecting a faroff item with a racecar with finicky controls and a lot of bear traps in-between, and a first person shooter-esque level where you have to fight hordes of creatures, with only two shotgun shells each, having to reload after every two shots, meaning that if you don't land your shots correctly, you're in for a quick death.
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off: Depends. Some people feel that this game is essentially a poorly done, overly religious rip-off of The Mist. The writer says he was inspired by the story (so the similarities shouldn't be surprising). Of course, inspiration can only go so far before something becomes too similar...
    • It can also be accused of ripping off Silent Hill, what with the horn and all... And the psychological problems with the cast...
    • The game also has a striking resemblance to Deadly Premonition of all things. Both take place in a small rural town in the woods plagued by supernatural threats, both based their story off of more famous works (Twin Peaks and The Mist), both have odd quirky characters and silly dialog and both get serious about their horror elements near the end where the player has to Mercy Kill their love interest to spare them a Fate Worse than Death. Unfortunately, the Mercy Kill doesn't work here and the victim survives to continue suffering.
  • What an Idiot!: Ira. Seth exhibits dangerous trigger-happy behavior early on. Ira even makes note of it after she sees Seth reach for his gun after Rick stands up to him. But, for some reason, she feels the need to explore the place for more history on Seth's dangerous behavior. Seeing that once should've been enough to realize he needed to be subdued. Of course, with Jonathan injured that, realistically, wouldn't leave sufficient power to attempt this since Rick walked out of the store around then leaving only Ira and Tark. Of course, there's also Amy who, while not strong enough, could act as a sufficient distraction, since Seth was effectively distracted by her earlier. It was a problem that could've been addressed if Ira had exercised some common sense.

     Suit-able: The Invincible Paradox 

     Monster Basement 
  • Heartwarming Moments: The end of the second game, where the friend thanks the little girl by giving her a vitalization potion that makes her living again.
  • The Woobie: The daughter in the second game. She was infected with the rest of her family, now finds monsters incredibly delicious, and is horrified by the changes in behavior her dad, brother, and uncle have undergone. Her mom also ran away, so there's no one to help her.


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