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  • Complete Monster (manga): Prince Eldo is the prince of the brutal alien Dragonia Empire and son of the Golden King Dorado. Introduced saving a girl from cannibal rapists, Eldo brings her to his castle where he strips her naked before using a machine to turn her into a cat-human hybrid to be his pet. Unwilling to use the mask of his father and persuaded by his assistant, Eldo decides to end the war between Dragonia and Mu quickly and breaks the only rule given by his father. Unleashing the alien army the Megalo, Dragonia's forbidden weapons, Eldo uses the chemical, atomic and laser weapons on the Mu's army while enjoying the massacre, and congratulating himself for it before trying to capture the Princess Aila Mu to turn her into his captive. Lacking his father's desire to save his people, Eldo is called out on his actions by the former, who is horrified at his actions.


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