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YMMV / Goblin Slayer Abridged

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  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • In the third episode, we get to see Rookie Warrior go absolutely berserk on a bug, according to him he blacked out afterwards. At least he found his sword in the bug (though it's implied he didn't even know he found his sword in the bug).
    Rookie Warrior: At least I'm not afraid of bugs anymore, heh heh... Now the only thing I'm afraid of is... myself...
    • In the fourth episode, we get a treat of the Goblins getting the upper hand on the main group. Before Goblin Slayer gets his Heroic Resolve, we hear the main group screaming in desperation and agony as we see shots of the Goblins faces. It's just as nightmarish as the original.
      • Pay close attention to those screams. The last one? doesn't belong to anyone in the group.
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    • Just the screams in general. The voice actors DO NOT hold back, and you can hear the pain, fear, and rage in them.

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