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  • Awesome Music: The game has awesome music from two different angles. The game features a number of original instrumental tracks, but most of the vocal songs in the game are also remixes of tunes from classic Namco games!
    • "Green" is incredibly relaxed and also very catchy.
    • "Blinky and Clyde" is an adorable love song remixed out of Pac-Land music!
    • "Love Maze" is remixed Ridge Racer music, and is surprisingly sultry given how innocent the rest of the game is.
    • The full version of the main title theme, as mentioned below.
  • Guide Dang It!: The secret area in the Marine Resort is easily the most difficult to find, and is not at all intuitive. Most of the other secret areas can be accessed on foot, and there are usually clear openings or hints that lead you to them. The Marine Resort secret, however, requires you to head to an out-of-the-way part of the ATV park, and make a very precise jump in your ATV off a ramp and over a fairly nondescript wall whose only hint that there's anything odd about it is the fact that there's a single NPC on top of the wall, whom you may or may not see. And even then, you're still not in the caves—you have to hug the back wall until you fall down in a hole in the ground that leads to them. And the caves contain three things you need for 100% Completion—the caves themselves count for one thing, but there's also a photo spot and a treasure chest in there. Oh, and did we mention that the photo spot is only there at night?
    • The "Talk to locals 20 times" star is extremely easy to do, but its description is deceptive. Since there are Non Player Characters around you can chat with, you would naturally assume you need to talk to them 20 times to earn the star, right? Nope—what you actually have to do is use your D-pad gestures around the non-interactive NPCs 20 times, which is considered "talking" to them.
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  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: In a strange inversion, since the "main" game is theoretically the minigames, the overworld is the part that's likely to accidentally distract you. Sure, you could go to the next activity, but it's more fun to do sick skateboard tricks or ride a horse around!
    Danny: I may not be any closer to our objective, but WHO GIVES A SHIT?!
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: It's a bright, colorful, and lighthearted game about having the most fun vacation ever.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The water effects in this game are really nice when you're on the beach at sunset.

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