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YMMV / Go Cross Campus

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  • Good Bad Bug: Originally, if you ordered your units to attack, they wouldn't defend against attackers. Since teams had to have at least one capture per turn, players quickly realized that they could have all the units on a pair of territories between mutually consenting teams attack each other, which would cause them to "swap" the territories, with minimal losses. Alliances between teams often included these swapping arrangements. This bug was later changed to give attacking units going head-on at each other a 50-50 probability of success, though that just created loop swaps, where territory B would conquer territory C, and A would conquer B, then the next turn C would conquer A and B would conquer C, and so forth — a bit more difficult but still doable.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: There was some backlash against changing armies to energy and placing players on the game map itself, as well as the introduction of special territories. However, in an inversion...
    • They Didn't Change It, And That's Why It Sucks: As the company introduced an (at first highly buggy) "Lightning GXC", and then diversified into other games, some GXC players complained that the company was neglecting their flagship product, by not fixing various bugs or improving the game mechanics.
  • Too Good to Last: The game was a huge thing with matches at numerous universities (and sometimes between them), and even received quite a bit of recognition from news media. However, it all disappeared after just a few years.