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  • Guilty Pleasure: Probably the main reason some people who disagree with Gligar's views watch his videos in the first place. His detractors are often amused by his statements, which they claim have a lack of factual basis.
    • For the record, Gligar actually manages to be quite funny at certain times when he is bashing a game, despite his bias (which is easy to point out), considering that he is, after all, a troll.
  • Jerkass Has a Point:
    • While Gligar's points may be trollish or overly negative, a few of them might actually bear meaning such as when he points out Undertale has rather ridiculous system requirements that are about half of what Crysis requires, or that it being put on Wii U would require rewriting since Toby Fox used Game Maker Studio to create it instead of doing so in C++ like Cave Story, another retro-style game. Gligar also points out that while a computer from around 2004 can play Cave Story, it cannot play Undertale due to the latter game requiring at least 2 GB memory, when the former only needs at least 128 MB.
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    • His complaints about many of the mechanics in the original PlayStation 2 version of Odin Sphere also hold some merit, especially in regards to the stamina meter, loading times, and how you had to manually select coins to buy items. It is worth pointing out that these complaints were eventually addressed in Odin Sphere Leifthrasir.
  • Memetic Mutation: A lot of Gligar's earlier videos helped him attain moderate internet popularity. These videos include his Sonic reviews, including the one he did for Sonic Adventure 2.