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  • Older Than They Think: The famous "In the Mood" arpeggio riff possibly dates back as far as 1919, with one historian recalling having heard the tune played by a cinema orchestra that year. The first confirmed recording which included the riff was Wingy Manone's "Tar Paper Stomp", made in 1930. It also appeared in "Hot and Anxious" (recorded by Fletcher Henderson in 1931 and Don Redman in 1932), "There's Rhythm in Harlem" (recorded by the Mills Blue Rhythm Band in 1935) and "Hot String Beans" (recorded by Joe Marsala in 1938). "In the Mood" itself was not a Glenn Miller original; Edgar Hayes was the first to record it in 1938 and Artie Shaw performed a 5-minute arrangement of it in concert the same year (he did not record it as it was too long to fit on one side of a record). The arrangement as recorded by Miller, however, was mostly original, as most of it outside of the riff was completely rewritten by one of his staff arrangers (either Eddie Durham, Chummy MacGregor or Miller himself).

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